Comfort Fund and Food

Comfort Fund and Food - Social Support

Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja is operating in one of the poorest areas of Uganda, and the majority of our patients are unable to meet their most basic needs, a situation which is even worse when a bread winner falls sick.

A series of special interventions have been implemented in an attempt to relieve suffering within families.

A Comfort Fund of ten thousand shillings (3 US$) monthly is offered to 81 clients to assist them to meet some of their most basic needs.

Food Support is given to clients and their families who are facing serious food shortage. Presently 35 clients are helped with a monthly food basket of 1kg of rice, 1kg of beans, 1kg of sugar and a bar of soap.

We also partner with ‘Meals on Wheels’, a Jinja based NGO that provides a daily nutritious meal to Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja patients in Jinja Town and to our clients when admitted at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital.

The Comfort Fund and food support have very much improved the lives of our clients and has significantly helped with drug adherence to pain medication and treatment of HIV/AIDS. However, many more are in need of assistance.

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